European Special 7: Tilburg Kermis 2011

Produced By Niall Cockburn & David Wragg


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Crazy Shake
Mission Space
Show Time
Booster Maxx
London City Coaster
Crazy Jump
Inversion XXL
Snow Jet 2

Fair & Transport photos
Model Show video & Photos

Video Format: PAL - Widescreen
running time 65 Minutes
DVD Reigon - 0 -R


Welcome to Tilburg Kermis 2011 and our 7th European special.

When picking European fairs for special releases we always look for something different and exciting and this year Tilburg certainly managed that. On our arrival in the town by the countries rail network one attraction stood out above the others as Kroons mission space the latest KMG ride to stun the fairground industry was present. This gigantic structure may look like two tower crane arms on a long pole but there were very few parts of the fair that you could not see this ride from owing to it dwarfing even the cities tower block offices.

Along with mission space other stars of the show were Kipps XXL which was down near the bottom of the fair next to Oldermans recently delivered Booster Maxx both of which seemed to be doing very nicely. Up in the centre square another relatively new ride presented again by Oldermans was the XXl inversion which is built on the frame of a Booster Maxx but has 16 cars that spin and flip almost like a giant version of the inversion.

One machine of interest on this years line up was Crazy Shake many will fondly remember this ride under the ownership of James Mellor. Whilst this ride didn’t have the best position on the fair it still seemed to be able to attract riders better than the X factory Miami opposite.

Other rides featured on the DVD include the Huss Magic of Hinzens, Meyers Breakdance, Kroons Fun Factory, Van Der Veens Speed Wave polyp and the stunning KMG show time after burner.

The dvd shows on ride, off ride and has a bonus feature of the Kermis Expo (tilburgs model show) and bonus photos from the fair, a small selection of transport and a selection of stills from the Expo.

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