Riding Around Nottingham Goose Fair 2010

Produced By Niall Cockburn & David Wragg

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Wild Mouse - Abie Danter - JNR
Sizzler - David Cox
Extreme - Jason Hebborn
Dodgem - Anthoney Harris
Supreme Waltzer - Anthoney Harris
Top Star - Micheal Haughton
Vertical Limit - John Wessledine
Superbowl - John Collins
2xtreme - Walter Murphy
Take Off - Warren James
Dodgem - William Percival
Ghost Train - Tim Booth
Tango - Perrin Matthews
Superbob - Perrin Print
Rock Rage - Graham Sedgwick
Tango - Gary Evans
Wave Swinger - Brandon Bishton
Waltzer - David Cox
Crazy Bulls - Charlie Appleton
XLR8 - Jason Gray
Orbiter - Jonathan Barker
Screamer - Rae Wilson-Armstrong
City Hopper - Charles Harris
Waltzer - Bertie Holland
Top Buzz 2 - Alex Crow
Miami - Warren Dowse
Roller - Henry Chipperfield

100 Photos

Video Format: PAL - Widescreen
running time 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Blu-ray disc Reigon - 0 -R

This Blu-ray disc offers the fair of 2010 from many angles some never seen before. Stand with us on the top of Abie Danters Mouse, Under the Huss UFO of John Wessledine and Join us as we ride the Tango and Orbitor. This year we feature the new rides that wowed at the fair. From one of the newest dodgems in the country complete with a great selection of extra lighting to the largest ride to arrive on the UKs traveling fair circuit this year in the form of Warren James Technical Park Take Off. We see the UKs only traveling Zierer Wave Swinger from Brandon Bishton, The UKs one and only KMG Inversion presented by Graham Sedgwick and we see novelties like Henry Chiperfeilds It's the Roller, Walter Murphy's 2 Extreme Capriolio and the latest 6 arm extreme to be built by Tivoli and owned by Jason Hebborn

It's not just the UKs largest and latest rides that are featured on the Blu-ray disc. Jonathon Barker came to Goose fair with his impressive Orbitor sporting new top sign and giving good fast rides, Warren Dowse brought his Notts UK Miami to Nottingham for the first time on the top row. Every Fair needs a waltzer and David Cox's certainly provided the atmosphere a waltzer should and Anthony Harris's classic Maxwell machine still doesn't look like it's a week old despite its real age. Also on the Blu-ray disc we show how the crowds flocked to the event, the games that give the fair extra atmosphere and some stunning ariel shots from Mellor's Giant Observation wheel on a first appearance at goose fair.


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The Blu-ray disc is filmed in widescreen PAL and has a running time of 1 hour 30 minutes

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