Riding Around Hull Fair 2011

Produced By Niall Cockburn & David Wragg

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Atmosphere Creator Waltzer
Robinsons Waltzer
Athas Waltzer
Robinsons Tagada
Roberts Tagada
Smiths Twister
Richmonds Metorite
Gambles Extreme
Snowjet 2
Over The Top
Harts Matterhorn
Mad Mouse
Jungle River


over 100 Model Show, transport & Fair photos

Video Format: PAL - Widescreen
running time 75 Minutes
DVD Reigon - 0 -R


Hull this year was a fair with 3 large Headlines: Abie Danter Jnrs new Air ride, Van der Veens Snow Jet Matterhorn and returning after absence Albert Evans Atmosphere Creator was finally reunited with the people of hull.

Our first feature length DVD on hull is an after dark feature we show some of hulls finest attractions being put through their paces with the full atmosphere the machines were making on display.

This years DVD showcases some of the best new attractions of the year and include Robinsons Tagada, Michael Houghton's ever improving superstar and Abie Danter Jnrs Air which is the DVDs feature ride to end the disc.

We also show Ariel shots from M&Ds wheel, and cover the battle of the waltzers with Robinsons, Athas and Evans all featured in full. Other rides featured include David Taylor's starflyer, Michael Wallis's Vertigo Booster and Nathan Harts Mach 1 which in its self would rival any German booster for presentation standards. We also feature Wallis's Drop Tower on one of its final fairs and for those who like something a little more retro we have Richmond's Meteorite riding well and Smiths lifting Paratrooper the Twister.

The DVD lasts for 75 minutes and has bonus photos and a complete on ride of M&Ds Spiderman filmed on its last ride at hull fair before its export to the continent.

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