Riding Around Winter Wonderland 2012

Produced By Niall Cockburn & David Wragg

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Wilde Maus XXL
(€uro) Christmas Coaster
Penguin Party Dodgems
Avalanche Waltzer
Pirate Ship
Wave Swinger
Zip Line
Alpine (London City) Coaster
Blizzard Booster
Snowboard Miami
Power Tower
Winter Wonderland Express

Also featuring live music from Die Junx & Disco Flames


over 100 build up photos from Steve Guild
over 100 open photos from Niall Cockburn

Video Format: PAL - Widescreen
running time 51 Minutes
DVD Reigon - 0 -R


Winterwonderland is mentioned in several Christmas songs but over the past few years they have been popping up in cities throughout the United Kingdom. London being the UK capital has by far the largest winter wonderland managed by PWR events. This year's spectacular event saw several improvements including an expansion of the overall site. Despite this crowds still filled up the event and at times trying to even walk round in a group became difficult. This however gave the event a festive atmosphere second to none.
This years event saw a boost in the size of attractions attending. Since we last filmed in 2009 Mellors have replaced WTA's Giant Wheel and added their newest attractions the Zip line and Star flyer. A giant Beer hall was added this year proving relay popular with the fans of this event.
The DVD opens with views from the Zip line tower with one of the popular hit songs step into Christmas as someone takes a step into the unknown and speeds down the zip wire. It goes on to feature popular acts Die Junx and the Disco flames a popular band singing 70s hits in the Fire pit. Rides featured include the Giant mouse XL from Germany, Air from the United kingdom, The Christmas coaster from the Netherlands and showcases the hard work put in by Manning's on two excellently themed Areas Alpine adventure and Santa land. It then closes on the Stunning Showtime afterburner purchased by Manning's at the start of the season.
Also on the disc we feature a picture or two from the top of Power Tower, Shots of Showtime swinging into the night, Santa land being enjoyed by families and some great vistas of the event from the 9th December when Niall visited. There is also a second set of Photos on the disc from Steve Gould who shares some of the Transport and build up to the event that he recorded in fantastic detail for all other winter wonderland lovers.
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