Kirkcaldy Flashbacks

Produced By Niall Cockburn & David Wragg


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Fairground Attraction waltzer Asa Taylor 2010
Tango Perin Mathews 2006
Extreme John Parish 2005
Hard Rock Waltzer Hornes 2005
Move it 18 Damien Bateman 2006
Speed Buzz Wheatleys 2007
Super Spin Graham Sedgwick 2006
Eclipse M&D Taylor 2006

150 photos

Video Format: PAL - Widescreen
running time 38 Minutes
DVD Reigon - 0 -R

Kirkcaldy Links Market is heralded by many as Europe's longest Street Fair and has a line up to match. This DVD Kirkcaldy flashback's looks back at some of the rides that have graced the fair between 2005 and 2010.

This DVD charts some rides now no longer in the country or that look totally different. John Parish's Extreme for example looks most basic in this yet with a skilful minder in the pay box the machine is entertaining the crowds with a great ride and great atmosphere. M&Ds Eclipse is also on the disc The Fabbri Contact that M&Ds debuted at Kirkcaldy in 2003 was still thrilling the crowds in 2005 when it was filmed now out of the country in Germany.

No single ride is so well known on a UK Fair these days than the Waltzer and we feature two on here. We open one that can claim to charge a £5 ticket Friday night such is its following. Asa Taylor shows in this clip just how excited he can make his riders. Later on in the DVD we show case Charlie Hornes Rock Star the waltzer widely reputed as one of Scotland's smartest waltzers entertains the crowds.

Also featured on this DVD one of the 2 KMG Tangos to have graced kirkcaldy Perin Mathews here we enjoy on and off ride footage. Also from KMG we show the mini move it toured briefly by Scottish Bateman's and finishing the line up of KMG machines we cover the unique Speed Buzz of wheatleys on its debut year and Superspin of Graham Sedgwick's one of two KMG experiences that have attended since the DVD rides were filmed.

With over 100 bonus photos of transport rides and supporting attractions the DVD is a great reminder of these machines that have visited the fair in previous years.

The DVD is filmed in widescreen PAL and has a running time of 38 minutes

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