Taking Orbiters to the Extreme

Produced By Niall Cockburn & David Wragg

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Extreme - Billy Crow
Hard - Rock - Charles Church
Orbiter - Jordan Gray
Extreme - Albert Evans
Speed Flip - Joey Silcock
PWS Extreme
Orbiter - Joe Barker
Extreme - Stanley Gamble
Extreme - John Parrish
Orbiter - William Danter
Xtreme- William Danter
Techno Power - Kuchenmeister

80+ photos

Video Format: PAL - Widescreen
running time 48 Minutes
DVD Reigon - 0 -R

This is the second DVD we have produced featuring a single ride and showing some of the fantastic examples on tour in the United Kingdom. We show 2 very fine traditional Orbitors and cover the modern extremes and variations various manufacturers have created to modernise this great British invention.

The Orbitor when it came out represented a new era in rides it had a high capacity and fitted normally on to one load. As these machines evolved the lighting got better the paint work started to differ and in the late 90s the Extreme was born.

Our DVD shows 12 different machines in action Opening with Crows the oldest extreme Orbitor touring in the United Kingdom in action where the residents of Loughbourgh just love the machine watch it full flight on a busy Friday night. From there we move on to show other rides like Grays rarely seen Sorani and Moser built Orbitor which in the sun looks very vibrantly decorated. Filmed at Goose fair we have Stanley Gambles machine Scotland's only Orbitor currently travelling. The machine is always clean tidy and highly polished and was very well received while we were filming it. 2 of Danters also feature old and new. We see first the Orbitor then the new extreme with Mikey J taking the riders all the way. It shows how the older machine was still more than capable of holding its own on a modern fairground as it could many of the places it went. Finally the DVD finishes with Techno Power the Original Extreme made. This German giant of a machine is on 2 loads as apposed to the usual one but its level of flash and excellent lighting makes it stunning to see in action.

The DVD has a photo extra with photos of rides in action in the process of building up and a few of the Lorries that move some of these fantastic machines around.

If you love atmospheric thrill rides this DVD is for you.


The DVD is filmed in widescreen PAL and has a running time of 48 minutes

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