Riding Around 2: Wirral Show 2009

Produced By Niall Cockburn & David Wragg

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Wild Mouse - Danter
Superspin - Sedgwick
Dodgems - Dekonning
Extreme - Crow
Acrobat - Hackett
Millennium - Mander
Topspin - Mulhurn
Baracuda - Boswell
Equniox - Crow
Waltzer - Silcock
Tagada - Roberts
Demon Chase - Bradley
Superbowl - Clark
Tip Top - Gore
Twister - Silcock
King Frog - Crow
Rock Rage - Sedgwick

Photos of Wirral Show & Rock Rage
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Production Notes

Video Format: PAL - Widescreen
running time 45 Minutes
DVD Reigon - 0 -R

Welcome to our second Riding Around DVD filmed at the 33rd Wirral Show located on the shores of New Brighton near Liverpool. Dispite being a relatively new event it has over the years grown to include one of the biggest fairs in the country attracting a diverse mix of attractions.

The event features around 30 rides located by the sea. This DVD features several of them in action from several angles including Tip Top, Extreme, Equinox,King Frog, Acrobat, Baracuda, Waltzer, Superbowl, Rock Rage and Wild Mouse.

Also on the dvd are photos of the fair and Rock Rage.

The DVD is filmed in widescreen PAL and has a running time of 45 minutes.

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